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50% off our Trademark Filing Fees!

What could be worse than an unplanned twinsies at a Halloween party?! Well, although we can't help prevent your party fashion faux pas, we certainly can help your business stay unique by chasing away the copycats.

So, while you get freaky this Halloween, keep your business's identity secure with a trademark registration. We’ll even treat you to a 50% discount on our trademark filing fees. Serious! No tricks! All you need to do is to send us an email ( the following code:


This Halloween stay safe...stay secure...Muahahaha!!

Terms and Conditions: This offer is only available to Malaysian Startups and SMEs. Offer ends 16 November 2018. It is not inclusive of the official fees payable to the IP office. The discount is not applicable to official fees payable to the IP office. It does not include publication fees. We reserve the rights to modify, suspend, or terminate the offer without prior notice.

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