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Privacy Statement

At Gordian, we understand the importance, and indeed, the tremendous value of privacy. For that reason, we work tirelessly to ensure that all information and data you entrust to us remain secure. This statement will explain to you how your Personal Data may be collected, processed, and securely stored.


Why we collect your Personal Data?

Personal Data is collected as an incidental part of our everyday work. We do this so that we may provide our services to you, to correspond with you, to send you regular updates via our alerts, newsletters and other publications, to notify you about interesting events, or to provide you with information that we consider may be of interest to you.


What Personal Data do we collect?

We may collect your name, address, e-mail, I/C number, telephone number, nationality, employment details, date of birth, and all other information that is necessary or incidental to our business.


How we collect your Personal Data?

Normally, the Personal Data that we collect comes directly from you. You may have provided your details to us in the following way:-

  • general enquiries from you or persons related to you or your organisation;

  • during meetings, networking events, conferences, and exhibitions; and/or

  • from details provided by you as you instruct us to represent you on various matters.


From time to time we also collect Personal Data from other internal/external sources, e.g.:-

  • from our website(s);

  • from our affiliates and associates; and/or

  • from information freely available to the public.


How we keep you Personal Data secure?

We operate, maintain and practise appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect your Personal Data against the loss, misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure or alteration.


Who may have access to your Personal Data?

We promise that your Personal Data is only disclosed to or accessed by the following persons on a need to know basis (and no one else):-

  • our staff, consultants, lawyers, advisors, accountants/auditors, insurers;

  • our foreign associates, 3rd party service providers under a duty of confidentiality to us;

  • those person(s) as required by any laws or regulations; and/or

  • all other person(s) whose services are necessary or incidental to our business.


What rights do you have?

By disclosing or sharing your Personal Data with us, you are consenting to the collection, use, and processing of your Personal Data in the manners or purposes that are stated herein. However, at any point in time, you have the right to:-

  • access your Personal Data that is stored by us;

  • correct/amend/alter your Personal Data that is inaccurate/incomplete/misleading;

  • restrict the manner and purpose of which your Personal Data is used; and

  • to remove your Personal Data from our database.



A cookie is a small piece of data/information that is downloaded from our website and stored on your web browser. This data/information is stored in your browser in order to make your online browsing easier and more enjoyable. If you wish to, you may change or reconfigure how cookies are stored and used on your web browser or to block them all together. However, please note that if you change, reconfigure or block the cookies you may affect your use or enjoyment of your website as some of functions may not work properly. Besides, who doesn’t like cookies!

If you have any questions or concerns about the use and processing of your Personal Data, please feel free to contact us at

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