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The Madrid System – Your Gateway to Global Brand Registration

Y'all probably know how to register your trademark locally, but how do you register your trademark globally? The conventional method of protecting your trademark overseas would be to file an application in your target country. If you intend to register your trademark in a large number of countries, you would then have to replicate the same process in each of them...over and over and over again! Sounds tedious? Costly? Well, have we some mighty good news for you!

Malaysia has recently acceded to the Madrid System, which gives you the means to go global with just one trademark application. The Madrid System simplifies your trademark application by allowing you to file one single application that covers the countries of your choice (up to 121 countries). Member countries include South East Asian nations like Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, and other countries with sizable markets like Australia, China, the United States, and the European Union.

The Madrid System also makes trademark registration overseas much cheaper than if you were to file individual corresponding applications. So now, instead of paying 121 attorneys in 121 countries to file your trademark application in each of the country’s local trademark office, you only need to deal with one attorney and one trademark office.

Sounds great? You bet it is! So what are you waiting for? Give us a holler and find out how we can help secure your brand globally.

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