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You have an identity and so should your business. A trademark allows your business (your products and your services) to distinguish itself from the rest and to be easily identified. It is an indication of origin, a mark of assurance, and if you work it well, a highly valuable asset. That means your company's logo, the name of your product/business, your witty tagline, should all be protected as trademarks to safeguard your business' identity and asset. Other less traditional signs such as sounds, colours, shapes and scents may also be protected in certain countries.

However, before you start using your trademark, we recommend conducting a freedom to operate search in order to ensure that the use of your trademark does not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. 


The protection of your trademark usually begins with its registration in the country/countries where your business has presence. The successful registration of your trademark creates a presumption that your trademark belongs exclusively to you and that your trademark rights are valid. The protection offered by registration are territorial (i.e. only protected in the country where the trademark is used and registered) and typically lasts for 10 years. With continual renewal of your trademark, you can enjoy continuous trademark protection indefinitely. 

Talk to us for more details on how you can protect your trademark in your country and/or internationally.

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