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Copyright mostly protects artistic expression, which means it covers the corny love song you wrote to your highschool sweetheart, the half finished autobiography in your hard drive, the instruction manuals you wrote for your teenager before she left for college, those home videos under your bed, the millions of photos you took of your pet and even your children's Play-Doh sculpture of you. Aside from all these, copyright protection also covers software (or rather it's source codes), compilations and databases.



In most countries (i.e. the 172 member countries of the Berne Convention) copyright automatically arises once a work is recorded on a medium, and protection would typically last the lifetime of the author plus 50 years after her death. Yes, that means copyright in your selfies exists the very moment you click the shutter and would outlive you by 50 years! 


Although you do not need to do anything else to enjoy the basic protection that copyright offers, in certain countries, registration or depositing your work at the local IP office may confer you with additional protection or procedural advantages in legal proceedings. Talk to us for more details on how you can effectively protect your work.


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