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Brand Protection

Your brand is one of your most valuable assets. Consumers are heavily influenced by the reputation and quality that your brand represents. Secure your brand's integrity and value by getting a trademark for your logo, name, tag line and more.

Core Team

Vincent Lim-Teh

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A man of many interests, Vincent handles design rights, copyright, GIs, trademarks and branding matters at Gordian. As an information junkie, Vincent's mantra in life is "it's good to know", making him our own walking Wikipedia of all things IP. Know more about Vincent here.


With years of experience in legal practice, Shou Sien is our Legal Consultant on all things IP. As an advocate and solicitor, Shou Sien also handles all of our contentious matters as well as advising our clients on various general legal matters. Know more about Shou Sien here.

Shou Sien Wong


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