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The story of humankind is a story of invention. From the sharpened sticks of our hunter-gatherer ancestors to the modern brain-surgeon's sonic scalpel, our entire civilisation is built on our ingenuity and industry. Each day, extraordinary amount of resources are being applied to researching and developing new inventions that would propel us into the future, and in most cases, the Patent system is there to ensure that the inventors and the patrons of their science are rewarded. 


Patent is essentially an exclusive right to use an invention (e.g. new and inventive tools, compositions, medicines, systems, processes etc.). Patent grants the right holders a time-limited monopoly to commercialise the inventions, and at the same time, it also allows right holders to take legal action against anyone who manufactures, uses, sells or imports the protected inventions without their consent. 



It is important to protect your invention by registering a Patent in the country/countries where your business has presence. To be granted a Patent, your invention must new (not been made public), inventive (not just a simple modification to something that already exists) and industrially applicable (something that can be made or used in some form of industry). 

Once your Patent is granted, it will generally be protected for 20 years from the date of filing. Typically, you would also need to pay maintenance/renewal fees at certain intervals throughout the duration of Patent protection. 

As the requirements and procedures for Patent protection vary from country to country, we recommend that you speak to us before you unveil or disclose your invention to others.

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