Now that your IP is protected, with proper usage it can be one of the most valuable assets in your business. You can choose to work the IP yourself or collaborate with other like-minded businesses through technology transfers, patent pools, licensing or franchising.


However you plan to use your IP, we will ensure that you get the appropriate advice and all the help you need to rack up some serious ROI with your IP.


Thinking of sitting on your IP? It is worth remembering that while it is not mandatory to use a registered IP, non-use of certain IP (e.g. trademarks) may adversely affect the validity of its registration and the integrity of its protection. 


Most of your registered IP need to be renewed so that you can continue to enjoy the protection that registration offers. Typically, a registered trademark needs to be renewed every 10 years;  for patents there are normally a series of annual maintenance (a.k.a annuities) to be paid; and for design rights, renewals usually take place every 5 years.


With our IP scheduling and monitoring system you can rest assured that you'll never miss a deadline. 

Monitor and Enforcement

The main purpose of IP protection is to provide you (and the people that you've consented to) with the exclusive rights to use your IP. Therefore, failure to enforce your IP rights may render your IP worthless. As such, keeping an eye on your IP is not just good business practice, a proper monitoring and enforcement regime is crucial to the well-being and indeed the survival of your IP.

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