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10 Jan 2020

Thinking of starting a new gig this year but have no idea what to name your unicorn? Or you may already have a name or two in the oven but wanna jazz up your logo to get in with the in-crowd. Well, we have just the thing for you! This January, we are offering a Trademark Design and Registration Package for RM2,950! So now you can finally have that awesome logo that you've always wanted and be sure that no one else has it!!

3 Dec 2019

Ah the Internet! Arguably mankind's greatest invention. It's come such a long way too. Just a couple of decades ago, who could've imagined that through copper, fibre and radio-waves, the world can literally be brought to your doorsteps. Shopping, songs, movies, TV series, books... all a mere click away. Equally, back then, no one (save for a few Cyber-Nostradamuses) could see the danger that this ethereal behemoth would bring. With our whole life stored in bits and bytes, all we have and all we are could be taken away by the marauding pirates of the cyber-seas, with just a few clever lines of codes and an unsuspecting click. Yes, the double edged sword cuts both ways!

On 27 December...

24 Oct 2019

Ever got the feeling you're being watched? Maybe that empty lane's not empty at all...maybe...just maybe, someone or something's just lurking in the shadows, ready to jump you for all you're worth.

Nothing's scarier than the unknown, ain't it?

Well, why not find out if your business is stepping on someone's toes or if someone's encroaching into your turf.

This Oct we're giving away FREE IP CONSULTATIONS and FREE SEARCHES in Malaysia (Trademark and Patent) to 5 local startups.

Make sure your brand or your invention is safe and sound! You know who you gonna call...

Terms and Conditions:

This offer is available to Malaysian Startups only. We reserve the rights to modify, suspend, or terminate the o...

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Logo Design & Registration Package

January 10, 2020

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