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24 Mar 2020

Recently, a comedian from the UK legally changed his name from Joe Lycett to Hugo Boss as a protest against the trademark enforcement practices of the designer fashion house. Apparently, the comedian was miffed about the cease & desist letters that Hugo Boss (not the comedian, obviously…) has sent to small businesses and charities who use the word 'BOSS'. Sorry “Bossku”. Can I advise you something…?

6 Jan 2020

On 27 December 2019, the Madrid Protocol came into force in Malaysia. And with it,  protecting your brand globally is just a single application away. Through the System, with a single application you can protect your trademark in up to 122 countries. So, aside from saving you cost and time, what other goodies does the Madrid Protocol bring?

3 Dec 2019

Ah the Internet! Arguably mankind's greatest invention. It's come such a long way too. Just a couple of decades ago, who could've imagined that through copper, fibre and radio-waves, the world can literally be brought to your doorsteps. Shopping, songs, movies, TV series, books... all a mere click away. Equally, back then, no one (save for a few Cyber-Nostradamuses) could see the danger that this ethereal behemoth would bring. With our whole life stored in bits and bytes, all we have and all we are could be taken away by the marauding pirates of the cyber-seas, with just a few clever lines of codes and an unsuspecting click. Yes, the double edged sword cuts both ways!

On 27 December...

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